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As a boutique consultancy in the Rewards field we are agile and flexible, and our rates are transparent. We can help you where you need it - as an integrated part of your team or as outside advisors. 

Our clients are situated across Europe, and we solve challenges in all parts of the Rewards universe. We work with and are independent off all data providers in the market.

Interim Operators

We can help you with all types of support from interim resources, leading or assisting in projects within Performance Management, Rewards, Compensation & Benefits.


We help you by providing insights and analysis to optimize all steps in the Reward cycle. We ensure your decisions are founded on solid data and the right structures, through Job Architecture, to make you compliant.


We help you analyze all aspects of your organization's remuneration, providing insights and overview of your organization’s pay compared to the market, as well as greater internal fairness and transparency.

Clients Include


The most fair and transparent prices you ever saw

Prices are subject to VAT

The Step Ladder Model of Invoicing

We invoice by time consumed or on a project basis depending on your needs.
The rate is based on a step ladder model, where a specific discount is triggered by the number of hours purchased during the engagement period.

Please contact us for estimates on your project cost.