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We offer a full range of Reward consulting services

We have extensive experience as advisors and as operators, helping companies develop strategies and implementing them into the real world.

We work as advisers or as an integrated part of your team.

Good architecture is made to fit your organization, not the other way around


We design Job Architecture with clarity, flexibility and a structure that makes sense to all stakeholders, tailor-made to fit your organization.

A Job Architecture does not have to be based on a specific industry standard or the system of one single data provider. We deliver rational, client-focused solutions by listening to the input of your organization and combining this with well-proven solutions building on decades of experience.

A good Job Architecture is the backbone of all HR related processes. It will function as the building blocks for career paths - increasing lateral mobility and the agility of your organization through planning of your workforce needs. It is the offset for a title structure that can help improve employee retention and engagement.

A well communicated Job Architecture is also critical in making you compliant within Pay Transparency.

If you wish, we can help you implement it, facilitating all necessary steps to ensure understanding and acceptance within the organization.

We help optimize existing Job Architecture to adapt to changes in the organization, in the marketplace or a change in data provider. We make sure the changes increase clarity and flexibility, and work to make them a lasting improvement of the existing structure, rather than a quick fix.


We have deep insight in the systems of all major data providers and know how to make their methodology work best for your company’s strategy and Job Architecture. We operate independently and are not limited to only one system. If needed, we can also help with a conversion of your system and Job Architecture to any data source in the market, finding solutions that work best for you in your market and region.



Reward processes follow an annual cycle. We help you as advisors, providing insights and analysis to optimize every step in the cycle, making sure that your decisions are founded on solid data. We can also help you as operators, working seamlessly with your organization from the initial planning to the final reporting.

We have extensive experience in designing and implementing processes that ensure strategic spending, build satisfaction from stakeholders while meeting high standards of pay governance. We can also help you define a Pay Philosophy, global benchmarking principles and salary setting models.

How we can help in each phase of the Annual Cycle:

Budget and Preparation

  • Prepares the upcoming salary review and bonus payout process and coordinate with local HR and finance.
  • Update benchmarking data, setup in systems, and communication to stakeholders.


  • Report spend to be reported to Top Management and Remuneration Committee.

Process Launch

  • Train local HR and managers in how to perform a salary review.
  • In cooperation with HR, Reward will monitor the spend and push back if needed.
  • Bonus targets for the coming year are communicated while bonus payouts for the past year are calculated and sent to payroll.

Review and Improvement

  • Mid-year review of performance plans, and of the processes.


We help you with the development and improvement of Short-Term Incentive programs (STI), either building the program from scratch or analyzing the performance of an existing program. We also have extensive experience in all operational tasks in relation to annual grants of Long-Term Incentives (LTI).


We can oversee the design and implementation of the Performance and Compensation Module in the system of your choice, or we can supplement your own team where they need it. We lead or assist with solution design, overseeing configuration and testing and training internal stakeholders.


Employee costs are typically one of the largest single operating expenses; thus, a strategic approach to optimizing has direct impact on your bottom line. We help you analyze all aspects of your organization's remuneration, giving you insights and overview of your organization’s pay landscape compared to the market, as well as greater internal fairness and transparency.

We perform benchmarking for groups and individuals in connection with recruitment, promotion, or salary reviews. We can perform benchmark analyses based on market data and/or internal data. We can work with all major data suppliers. Internal analyses can be based on all HR related data, such as total remuneration, performance versus pay, turnover, diversity, and recruitment cost.

Illustration of someone conducting an analysis or benchmark

Let's work together

We are here to support you with any Reward-related issues you may be facing, whether it's specific projects or an interim helping hand while you fill a chair.

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