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Subscribe to a Team

Outsource your Reward processes and get access to the competences of a full department at a fixed, predictable cost.

While you focus on your business strategies and projects of strategic importance, we handle your Reward processes, such as salary reviews, pay bands and benchmarking, bonus and payout calculations, promotional pay increases and off-cycle adjustments, pay transparency and gender pay gap reporting.

An approach to lifting all your Reward capabilities without hiring headcounts


Reward by Subscription is a plug'n'play solution that ensures due diligence. The subscription builds on tried and tested methodology that includes processes, procedures, and best practice tools from the market. This ensures compliance with local law and EU directives, such as Pay Transparency, and ESG reporting.

Outsourcing your Reward processes puts less pressure on internal resources, frees up time to work on larger projects and solves the inherent capacity pinch of the annual Reward cycle. 

Instead of hiring one inhouse, you get access to the skills of a full team of seasoned specialists. 

Reward by Subscription addresses the classical issue of knowledge and resource shortages and eliminates the “life happens” risks.

We ensure sufficient resources to reach your important deadlines without overworking or stressing employees during the busy season.

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We are here to support you with any Reward-related issues you may be facing, whether it's specific projects or an interim helping hand while you fill a chair.

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