Founder & Managing Partner

Jon Sannes

About Jon

Client Relations and Growth

Jon has been an influential innovator in the Nordic reward community for more than a decade. He built and ran the Norwegian and Danish Survey businesses, followed by the Consulting business, then moved on to lead all client relations across the Nordics for Mercer. Later he headed sales for Willis Towers Watson in Denmark, while building up their Reward Survey and Consulting business. He then used his Reward experiences to establish, run and head Global Rewards for Falck across 30 countries and 37.000 employees.

Jon’s background enables him to use data to create simple solutions to complex challenges, and ensure strategy is transformed into real-world benefits.

Previous Experience:

  • Business Leader, Reward Information Business, Mercer Norway
  • Business Leader, Reward Information Business & Consulting Mercer Denmark
  • Sr. Principal, Head of Client Growth, Nordics & Eastern Europe, Mercer
  • Head of Sales, Denmark, Willis Towers Watson
  • Senior Director, Head of Global Rewards, Falck
  • CCO, Falck Healthcare

Jon holds a B.Sc in International Business from Copenhagen Business School.

Phone: (+45) 23 99 96 25


Partner & Lead Reward Specialist

About Kenneth

Global Rewards Strategies

Kenneth is a respected global Reward Professional representing more than two decades of demonstrated Reward history, working in global companies within the mechanical and industrial engineering industries.

Kenneth is skilled in reward strategy development, policy and governance making. He has initiated harmonization and standardization initiatives within rewards, driven global reward management, been responsible for executive remuneration, executed global position evaluation (Mercer IPE) projects, been project manager responsible for the development of global job catalogues (Career Framework), and development of short- and long-term incentive programs. This is why he has also been keynote speaker at a European Reward conference.

Kenneth Stilling de Neergaard

Previous Experience:

  • Director, Rewards & HR Operations, Bavarian Nordic
  • Group Reward Specialist, FLSmidth
  • Senior Reward Specialist, Ørsted
  • Head of Compensation & Benefits, Nesa

Kenneth holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management from Copenhagen Business School.


Partner & Lead Reward Specialist

David Elkjær

About David

Rewards & HR Insights

David has a unique ability to link analytical thinking and advanced, deep-diving analysis to business and client needs. He is a strong consulting professional, skilled in HR Consulting, Executive Pay, Data Visualization, Management, and Data Analysis in an international setting.

David’s background enables him to quickly grasp concepts and getting the work done; he is not afraid of challenging established thinking and improving processes and products.

David has a demonstrated history of working in the human resources industry, latest as Global Head of Rewards and HR Insights at Falck, across 25,000 professionals in 26 countries around the world.

Previous Experience:

  • Analyst, IPE Excellence, Mercer Denmark
  • IPS Consultant, Mercer Denmark
  • Business Development Project Manager, Mercer Denmark
  • Global Workforce Metrics Project Manager, Mercer Denmark

  • Senior Reward Consultant, Mercer Denmark
  • Practice Leader, Talent & Rewards, Willis Towers Watson Denmark
  • Rewards & HR Insights Director, Falck
  • Global Head of Rewards and HR Insights,Falck

David holds a M.Sc in Sociology from University of Copenhagen.


Partner & Senior Reward Specialist

About Rasmus

Global Rewards & Optimization 

Rasmus has worked within C&B, Performance & Reward since 2015. He is an experienced, analytical Senior Specialist with a versatile skill set that has been responsible for overall global reward processes, including Performance Management, Salary Review, and Short-Term Incentives. His wide expertise also covers reward concepts such as Position Evaluation, Benchmarking, and Job Hierarchy; and in addition, he has experience with Workday, SuccessFactors and SAP, as well as Statistics, econometrics, programming skills in R, STATA, Python and others.

Rasmus’ background ensures a professional and thorough approach to solving a wide array of challenges within Reward and optimization of processes.

Rasmus Tausen

Previous Experience:

  • Compensation & Benefits Specialist, Cementir (Aalborg Portland/Unicon)
  • Group Senior C&B specialist, Grundfos
  • Compensation & Benefits Consultant, Telenor
  • Teacher (Social Sciences), Syddansk Erhvervsskole

Rasmus holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Economy (cand.oecon) focused in Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics and Project Management from the University of Southern Denmark.


Partner & Senior Reward Specialist

Anders Borgen

About Anders

Project Management & Global Rewards 

Anders has been professionalizing, globalizing, and simplifying Rewards structures within large Danish companies in international contexts for the past two decades. His impressive track record covers: reward partnering, preparing executive position evaluations, executive benchmarks, and contracts; driving remuneration report and policy development for SRD compliance; owning and running global Merit processes; handling and developing STI and LTI programs; annual global salary review process; and RemCo presentations and analysis.

Anders’ background makes him a versatile Senior Reward Specialist with a flair for design and implementation of compensation and benefits structures, as well as policy development, governance models and compliance, and he’s adept in complex reward analysis and project management of large reward projects, such as WorkDay implementation.

Previous Experience:

  • Reward Specialist, Arla Foods
  • Compensation Specialist, Vestas
  • Compensation & Benefits Manager, Danish Crown
  • Compensation & Benefits Manager, Arla Foods
  • HR Consultant, SuperGros
  • Training Consultant, Aarhus Business College
  • Business Controller, Arla Foods
  • Project Controller, FKI Logistex
  • Contract Consultant, Falck Danmark

Anders holds a Master’s Degree in Management from Aarhus University.


Reward Analyst

About Andreas

Rewards & HR Analytics

Andreas’ journey within Rewards and Analytics started in 2014, when he got a student job in HR, while studying for a bachelor's degree in Business Administration & Service Management at Copenhagen Business School. The Rewards world intrigued him, and after an exchange semester at the University of Oregon he came back to Copenhagen, where he graduated in 2019 with a master's degree in HRM.

His career thus far has put him in touch with nerdy disciplines such as HRIS and People Analytics, and at Nordic Reward Partners Andreas will be working with the full palette of Reward Analytics incl. Equal Pay / Gender Pay Analysis, Benchmarking, Salary Structures, Internal Equity, and much more.

Andreas Hansen

Previous Experience:

  • Compensation & Benefits, Senior Associate, PwC
  • Reward & HR Analytics Specialist, KMD
  • Student Assistant HR & Administration, DLG

Andreas holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management from Copenhagen Business School.


Reward Analyst

Andreas Hansen

About Ditte

Rewards, HR Analytics & Communication

Ditte has been working with Rewards, analytics, and communication since 2017. Her career started with an internship that developed into a student position, while she was finishing her master’s degree in human Resource Management at Copenhagen Business School. Upon graduation she joined Jon and David's team at Falck, where she proved an invaluable teammate.

Analyzing people data and optimizing various HRM processes has been at the core of her early career, and as a natural consequence thereof so has Rewards communication. Ditte's expertise includes job architecture, HR insights, analytics and benchmarking, as well as driving and optimizing various HR processes.

At Nordic Reward Partners Ditte will be working with the full palette of Reward Analytics and also assist clients with Reward communications and identifying process optimization potential.

Previous Experience:

  • HR Insights & Rewards Analyst in Global HR, Falck 

  • HR Student Assistant in People Insight & Analytics, TDC Group

  • Internal communications and HR trainee, Mundipharma A/S

Ditte holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management from Copenhagen Business School.



About Andreas

VLOGs and Content Creation

Andreas is working his magic, helping us create our Rewards and Pay Transparency VLOGs, bringing great photos to our channels, documenting seminars and events, and not least creating interesting content to share with the wider Rewards community. He will be reaching out to clients and industry specialists to create case stories that can inspire other Rewards professionals and explore how to best support the Rewards community to grow and master the journey toward pay transparency compliance. 

Andreas is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer whose impressive career has brought him far and wide. His talent for storytelling has helped many upcoming startups, artists, and designers, and as he's only using two days a week with us, you can still hire him to support your own projects. Check out his website at:

Ninett Christensen

Previous Experience 

  • Freelancer and owner of Thaulow Film since 2014
  • Producer and directer of a number of short fiction and documentary films
  • Video editor - advertising and television
  • Videographer and video-journalist - educational films and online advertising
  • Photographer - Products, portraits and events 

Andreas holds a Bachelor in Film and Media Studies and master in film science from the University of Copenhagen and was further trained as a movie director from Super16 in Copenhagen. 


Partner & Chief Marketing Officer

Marie Ravnholt Sannes

About Marie

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Marie’s extensive experience covers Marketing and Communications in the Construction, Marine and Oil & Gas industries, where she has a proven track record within project management, copywriting, digital content management, internal and corporate communication, and marketing. Her career also covers more than 25 years of volunteering for an international NGO, including an impressive post-pandemic economic turn-around process and a cycle as Chair of the Danish Board.

Marie’s versatile background ensures consistent, timely and clear communication, which is something both our clients and we benefit from.

Previous Experience:

  • Chairman of the Board, Youth For Understanding Denmark
  • Marketing & Communications Manager, FabricAir
  • Corporate Communications Advisor, Welltec
  • Nordic Marine Marketing Coordinator, Lloyd’s Register EMEA
  • Communication Consultant, Danish Technological Institute
  • Communication, PR and Marketing, Danish Association of Construction Clients
  • Account Manager, Interresearch

Marie holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing Communication Management from Copenhagen Business School.

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