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Pay Equity Starts With Pay Transparency

A collaboration between Nordic Reward Partners and Sysarb can help you easily create an overview of your salary data, highlight inequalities, and subsequently rectify these without risking your profitability.

Together We Empower


As the implementation deadline for the EU Pay Transparency Directive comes closer, the need for a simple and reliable tool grows stronger. 

This is why we have teamed up with Europe's leading pay equity software provider, to empower you to become a fair employer.

By June 2026 companies across Europe must be ready to report on their gender pay gaps and be prepared to answer questions from individual employee's about how their pay compares to others.

Doing so requires good structure, processes, and governance, which can be facilitated by software.

You will get a comprehensible Pay Equity dashboard that updates in real-time, simple and intuitive ways of working with your data, performing analyses, and generating the necessary documentation for compliance, in addition to viable advice from the best Reward specialists in the Nordics.

Optimizing Gradar software to your organizational needs

Act now to make Pay Transparency a competitive advantage

Equal pay for work of equal value is the main driver behind the EU pay transparency directive - it's also a main driver for younger generations looking for a place to build their careers. Hence,

for those who invest now it’s an excellent opportunity to gain an advantage in attracting and retaining top talent, while ensuring future compliance.

Let's work together

We are here to support you with any Reward-related issues you may be facing, whether it's specific projects or an interim helping hand while you fill a chair.

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