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The Simplest Way to Create Your Basic Job Structure

We have partnered with Gradar to introduce a brilliant piece of software to the Nordic markets that enables easy and intuitive ways of creating and maintaining a Job Architecture.

A Complete Solution for Designing and Maintaining Your

Job Architecture

Having a well-designed job structure is an essential cornerstone in creating fair and transparent pay - however, it also needs to be continuously maintained and supported by good processes.

If maintenance is too cumbersome, the value of the Job Architecture diminishes over time. This is why we have partnered with Gradar to introduce a simple software solution that facilitates easy design and maintenance.

Gradar is a simple and intuitive software solution that enables you to design and maintain your job structure, visualizes your job architecture, and helps your business perform consistent job evaluations. 

Optimizing Gradar software to your organizational needs

Optimize the software to suit your unique needs

The software solution from Gradar provides the basic building blocks for your job architecture. Nordic Reward Partners can help you tailor these building blocks to your unique company needs, implement it throughout your organization to make it live, and connect it to your existing processes and internal culture.


The Gradar software is a fantastic tool that provides the basic, pre-defined building blocks to create your job architecture. However, having great software doesn't preclude having good processes. In fact, having great processes is the single most important aspect of working with Rewards.

At Nordic Reward Partners we are practitioners and specialists within the Rewards field, and we can help you ensure a solid integration between your processes and the Gradar software. We will help you finetune your processes, so they work optimally for your organization and help you customize the Gradar software to suit your needs.

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